Training in Divorce Coaching and Marital Mediation

Training in Divorce Coaching and Marital Mediation

Divorce is a part of the fabric of our lives.  Whether you have experienced it personally or a family member or close friend has walked this journey, we can no longer ignore the impact divorce has on individuals, children, family members, the work place, people’s health, and our society as a whole.

Sandra Lee, founder of the Emerge Victorious Divorce Coach Training and the newest training offered – Marital Mediation, has been blending life experience, formal education and her own private practice knowledge to equip, encourage, educate and empower others for over 17 years.  Now this wisdom has been harnessed in the trainings that are being offered to you.

Say, “YES” to a new career and to start training in Divorce Coaching and Marital Mediation:

  • A career that reaches a mission field of hurting people.
  • Working with people to emerge through and beyond their divorce as they realize that God still has a purpose and plan for their lives.
  • To partner with your clients to develop real and practical strategies as they move to new beginnings.
  • Teach struggling marriages how to negotiate their issues and find real solutions (and not just focusing on blame and faults) with your new application of mediation skills.

In the past, a couple struggling in their marriage would go to counseling and if that didn’t work they would either settle for an unhealthy coexistence or head to the lawyer’s office.  Today, there is hope for a new ways of working with couples and you can now become certified and equipped through the training in divorce coaching and marital mediation offered to begin a new career path or integrate this service into your current professional practice that has the power to change lives through your work as a Divorce Coach or offering Marital Mediation to Stay Married.

The trainings are more than a training – they are experiential, interactive and content rich with practical tools and resources to build, strengthen and grow your practice.  The Emerge Victorious Divorce Coach Certification Training and the Emerge Victorious Marital Mediation Certification Training are designed to support you in finding the intersection between your education, your talents, your life experience and now your education and training.

Training in Divorce Coaching and Marital Mediation

Personal note from Sandra Lee:

When I first believed I was being called into the field of Divorce Coaching I went to a couple of trainings.  What I received was many slide-show topics, reading from the training book and little time for Q&A for my practical needs and to create a practice.  I absolutely received some value, but I needed more.  Over time I learned that most training leaders (and the material they teach) aren’t created out of the experiences (good and bad) of actually building a practice.  For 17 years, I have had a thriving practice as a Divorce Coach, Divorce Mediator and now having added Marital Mediator.  Later, when I decided to offer my own trainings I wanted them it to be done differently.  Not only do I teach the required skills, tools to build your own “tool box”, but I also offer the practical steps for creating a business practice along with resources to use in that practice.  Learning to build a bridge between my practice and working with attorneys, therapist, churches and other professionals has taken years and I want to save you time and energy in sharing what I have found works and does not.

I look forward to teaching you what I have learned and together building careers that will influence the lives of those who walk the uncharted territory of divorce and the life that follows.  Together we can make a difference!

To learn more visit Divorce Coach Training or Martial Mediation Training.

Lives are waiting on YOU to help them emerge on the other side.

Are you spending your time doing a job OR does your career align with your life purpose and passion?

Divorce Coaches partner with their clients to navigate their divorce process and in rebuilding their lives after the divorce by taking steps that are healing spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

A career designed to have a powerfully impact on the lives changed by divorce.

Sandra Lee looks forward to meeting you at the next training and is excited about the calling in your life to a career that allows you to live out your purpose, passion and power while influencing that have been changed by divorce or to stay married and not divorce!