Marital Mediation Training

Be on the cutting edge of a new career that offers hope and healing for struggling marriages.

Marital Mediation is evolving as a new profession to help couples to find a way to stay married by using the techniques that are proven to be highly effective in resolving disputes.  In this way, Marital Mediation is used to help the couple not to dissolve their marriage but to save it.

For couples in a marriage crisis they often find that marriage therapy does not produce results – even with good well-trained therapist.  The traditional model of therapy is not always effective when a couple is in a relationship crisis and facing divorce.  Traditionally, one or both parties head to therapy reluctantly.  The overall sense is that something is wrong with one of them, someone needs to be fixed and the sessions are used as an hour of blaming.  They want the marriage counselor to sift through the accusations, blame and “fix” their spouse.  They have a conflict but want to the therapist to solve the problems.

Family mediators are skilled in in how to facilitate a process of resolving conflict and decision-making based on the client’s participation and their own sense of the issues and the resolution they wish to obtain.  Marital Mediation utilizes the skills and techniques that have been proven to be highly effective in resolving conflict and is offered by a trained and qualified Marital Mediator.  The goals of the Marital Mediation process is to bring about behavioral change, rather than internal change based on insight as with counseling and for the couple to develop a vision for their marriage and their future.  Many times, Marital Mediation is also done alongside couple therapy and are very effective in complimenting one-anther and offers the couple the help they need to not only stay married but learn to negotiate their relationship better in the future for a thriving marriage.

The marital mediation training will give you all the tools, skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence you need to be a successful Marital Mediator in your Marital Mediation practice.

Marital Mediation Training
  • 10 Hour comprehensive course offered over 1.5 days of presentations, demonstrations, written material and role plays
  • Class size is limited to allow for a more personalized training experience while learning the skills to become an effective Marital Mediator
  • We will schedule a conference call to discuss your goals and purpose for taking the training and you will learn more about the training and if it is a good “fit” then you will receive a training packet.  If you have not received any Mediation Training – there will be a 3 hour prerequisite prior to the Marital Mediation Training.  This will be done through video-conferencing.

Marital Mediation Training Packet Includes:

  • curriculum, goals and objectives
  • course overview
  • certification you will receive
  • materials included
  • cost of training and payment options
  • accommodations, local area information, airport information
  • schedule for the 1.5 days of training
  • registration is required in order to reserve each participants spot
Marital Mediation Training

MODULES – What You will learn in the Marital Mediation Training

Module 1:  Understanding what mediation is and what it is not

Module 2:  Who are Marital Mediators

Module 3:  Why marital mediation and not marriage counseling

Module 4:  Exploring your own beliefs and releasing your own story

Module 5:  Role of the mediator

Module 6:  Establishing trust and rapport

Module 4:  Art of negotiations

Module 5:  Communications skills

Module 6:  Brainstorming, generating options, summarizing

Module 7:  The mediator holds the space and integrity of the mediation

Module 8:  The couple does the work

Module 9:  The couple chooses the path

Module 10:  Conflict resolution

Module 11:  Beliefs, assumptions, interpretations and perspectives

Module 12:  Forgiveness

Module 13:  Loss of a dream – create a new vision for marriage

Module 14:  Creating your own practice

Module 15:  Ethics

Module 16: Marketing, branding

Date:   March 8, 2018,
May 17, 2018


If you are interested in the next steps regarding Marital Mediation Training, please provide the following information and you will be contacted to set up a phone consult.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hopefully beginning this journey with you onto a new career path.

    “I look forward to meeting you at the next training.  It is exciting to see people be intentional about building a career that aligns with their values, beliefs, purpose and passion. You can make a positive influence in marriages! See you soon!”

    ~Sandra Lee

    Private Group Trainings:

    I do private trainings at your location for Marital Mediation Training.  For further discussion and details:  contact [email protected] or 800.615.6078