Divorce Action Plan Notebook

  • Just when you thought you were in this alone…

  • Just when you thought there was nowhere to turn…

  • Just when fear was about to win…

  • The answer is clear…

Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook

 Knowledge is power and power tackles the fear of the unknown. With every divorce there is uncertainty and a daily search for clarity until normalcy and balance is restored. If you are like most who are grappling with the crippling effects of divorce, you find yourself muddling through receipts, paperwork and bank statements. If you are like many, you are juggling attorney fees and a reduced budget all while attempting to co-parent your children.  I am telling you, the answer to all of the unknown lies in a plan: Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook. It is knowledge, it is power, it is your first step to freedom as you walk through and beyond your divorce.
At a time when the world seems to be crumbling around you, I am here to tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is a resource, an invaluable tool that has been designed specifically for you, for your divorce and for your future and for your children’s future.
Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook is a comprehensive, hands-on, customizable guide that takes you from the first steps of your divorce all the way to moving into your future. What can take years to accomplish on your own can be minimized and executed in a well-organized action plan tailored specifically for your needs.

Your Divorce Plan Notebook will:

  • Organize your thoughts and questions
  • Empower you with direction and information regarding personal finances and documents
  • Educate you on your life so you can direct your “team” of professionals
  • Offer clarity on which process you want to choose for your settlement
  • Help you focus on your #1 asset…your children…and their needs

Inside Your Divorce Plan Notebook, you will learn about and create worksheets surrounding:

  • Personal Information
  • Financial Information
  • Residential Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • Insurance Information

Your Divorce Plan Notebook will assist in:

  • Gathering relevant documents
  • Understanding your options
  • Understanding your options
  • Crafting your parenting plan
  • Financial provisions for your children
  • And much, much more including resources and tips for parents and a glossary of terms
Imagine a day when you can wake up and breathe without the despair and heartache of divorce resting on your shoulders. A day when you can reach for a powerful, customized divorce action plan notebook rather than reaching for the phone to call your attorney (who costs thousands of dollars), your mother (who will always take your side) or your best friend (who just gives bad advice!) It is time to take charge of your life and invest in your future and the future of your children.
When a crisis occurs, people often lose the ability to focus and think clearly. Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook will be your companion–your power–your resource every minute of every day. PROPER DIVORCE PLANNING IS CRITICAL!! The more preparation and homework you do yourself, the more you will understand what decisions have to be made, why they have to be made and what approach you need to make them.
I have been in your shoes. I have sat nervously waiting in the attorney’s office with nothing but an empty pad of paper and a list of handwritten questions. Approaching your divorce in this fashion is a COSTLY mistake. Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook makes this process seamless and easy and will ultimately end up SAVING YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
The Chicago Tribune writes: “The adversarial legal system can do for families in divorce what the hand grenade does for interior design.” You can BE IN CHARGE of your desitny, but you need to know how to approach your divorce. Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook will guide you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!
A divorce can be very costly, both financially and emotionally. Don’t place your money and your future into the hands of others! Remember, NO ONE will care as much about your family’s future than YOU. Now is the time to do your homework, understand the divorce process, be knowledgeable about your financial life and write the script for your new life.

What others are saying about Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook:

“I was faced with divorce, it was difficult to know where to turn for help. My book helped me so much to have a plan and not feel so all alone.” –Female Client
“Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook kept me focused during a period of chaos. It stopped me from overlooking the details that would have cost me time, money and my sanity.” –Male Client
“When a client walked into my office with their notebook, I said, ‘You are my dream client.”
–Charlotte Family Law Attorney
“Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook is unlike any other resource available on the market. I read books–they didn’t help. I created spreadsheets–I couldn’t understand them. My ex- and I created parenting schedules–we never followed them. Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook offered a foundation from which to grow, a guideline from which to follow and a ray of light in a very dark hour.” –Female client

Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook


Your Divorce Action Plan Notebook with Parenting Sections