Divorce Coach Training

Divorce Coaches partner with their clients to navigate their divorce process and in rebuilding their lives after the divorce by taking steps that are healing spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

Divorce Coach Training is a career designed to have a powerful impact on the lives changed by divorce.

Sandra Lee looks forward to meeting you at the next training and is excited about the calling in your life to a career that allows you to live out your purpose, passion and power while influencing that have been changed by divorce or to stay married and not divorce!

A divorcing person is faced with critical life altering choices to be made when they go through a divorce and yet it is also a time when they are least effective in making life choices.  Strong emotions – such as anger, fear, denial, shame, guilt, to only name a few – ae in control of their thoughts, their beliefs, and their expectations and for lack of any other way to say it, “their whole way of relating to their decisions” and we call this “divorce fog.”  People walking through a divorce don’t get the opportunity to be prepared emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually before weathering the storm of divorce and that is why your role as a coach is so vital!  They need a “thinking partner.”

Starting over after divorce can be very challenging as well and many people may flounder for years following their divorce due to the invisible prison walls that they have consciously or unconsciously allowed to lock them in their divorce story due to their shame, guilt, denial, anger, self-pity, attitude of revenge, victim mentality, loss of identity and loss of hope.  They may have been wronged during the marriage, through the divorce process or left with settlement agreements that they don’t feel are fair.  These people would benefit from a divorce coach to help them visualize and create a road map to rise out of their current circumstances and attitudes and look toward their new beginning.  God does not give up on a person because divorce is now a chapter in their life story.  Through your coach/client partnership your client will begin seeing clarity and together you will create an action plan on how to reach their goals and visions as the coachee steps forward in their fresh start.

Divorce Coaches partner with their clients to navigate their divorce process and in rebuilding their lives after the divorce by taking steps that are healing spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.  Lives are waiting on you as their Divorce Coach – Contact me to learn more about Divorce Coach Training.

Your training will equip you with the skills and resources to be an effective Divorce Coach – to coach your clients through their divorce process and/or to coach your clients in creating a life after divorce.

  • Divorce Coach Training includes an 18 Hour comprehensive course offered over 2 powerfully packed days of presentations, demonstrations, written material, and role plays that have been created to offer proven results to equip divorce coaches.
  • Class size is limited to allow for a more personalized training experience while learning the skills to become an effective Divorce Coach
  • We will schedule a conference call to discuss your goals and purpose for taking the training and you will learn more about the training and if it is a good “fit” then you will receive a divorce coach training packet.

Divorce Coach Training packet includes:

  • curriculum, goals and objectives
  • course overview of the
  • certification you will receive
  • materials included
  • cost of training and payment options
  • accommodations, local area information, airport information
  • schedule for the 2 day training
  • registration is required to hold each participants spot

Divorce Coach Training Testimonials

“Sandra’s training was sincere, valuable and heartfelt. I especially appreciated how much she combined her wisdom, experience and knowledge gleaned from her practice to give us a window into how divorce coaching actually is a “real” valuable profession!”
“Thank you so much for your contribution to the field of Divorce Coaching. You work inspires others and you are such a valuable asset our profession. So grateful for your training.”
“Sandra is so knowledgeable, compassionate, extremely insightful and she pours herself into the training. I strongly recommend this training.”

MODULES – What You will learn in the Divorce Coach Training

Module 1:  Divorce Emotions

Module 2:  Christianity (faith) meets Divorce

Module 3:  So what has divorce ushered into a person and family’s life

Module 4:  Your own story, emotional health and conflict resolution

Module 5:  Developing your coaching style

Module 6:  Building trust and rapport

Module 7:  Framework of divorce

Module 8:  Identifying options and obstacles

Module 9:  Divorce Coaching Skills

Module 10:  Learning the legal system and terms

Module 11:  Parent Plans

Module 12:  Designing a divorce process roadmap

Module 13:  Living in reality and thinking in the future

Module 14:  Life-After Divorce Coaching Skills

Module 15:  Designing a vision with the steps to walk on

Module 16:  Relationships with other divorce professionals

Module 17:  Branding and Marketing

Module 18:  Designing a success team approach

Module 19:  Ethics and unauthorized practice of law

Module 20:  Assessments, Resources, and Templates you will need for a successful practice

Date:   March 9 and 10, 2018
May 18 and 19, 2018


If you are interested in the next steps regarding Divorce Coach Training, please provide the following information and you will be contacted to set up a phone consult.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hopefully beginning this journey with you onto a new career path.

    How does a Career in Divorce Coaching align with and honor your beliefs and values as a Christian or person of faith?

    Statistics show that marriages of professing Christians are in no better shape than marriages in society at large.  We must have Christian professionals trained to work with individuals and families as they face one of life’s most devastating life-altering challenges that they may ever go through – divorce.

    Of course we are committed to the restoration of healthy marriages.  But when that doesn’t happen we also believe the next steps are critical for the divorcing couple.  There is a significant difference between a person or a couple who has a Divorce Coach and how they approach the unknowns of divorce verses individuals or couples that do not have the tools to navigate a confusing, bitter, and adversarial legal system.  Everyone suffers – especially when there are children involved.

    Signing the divorce decree doesn’t tidy up the lives of those that have just been changed by this event.  The life following a divorce often leaves people floundering and locked into a non-productive cycle of denial, excuses, shame, guilt, anger and other self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors – which all paralyzes growth and responsible living as they step forward into their new life.  A Life-After-Divorce Coach is vital in helping their clients to work through this life-transition and begin living the life that is waiting on them.

    The goal of this training is to empower and equip Christian, non-Christian and other faith believers to coach their clients to grow through and beyond their divorce without losing their faith or values and to open their hearts to God’s transformational healing, love, and hope for their future!

    You can change lives one divorce at a time!  

    “I look forward to meeting you at the next training.  It is exciting to see people be intentional about building a career that aligns with their values, beliefs, purpose and passion. You can make a positive influence in marriages! See you soon!”

    ~Sandra Lee

    Private Group Trainings:

    I do private trainings at your location for Divorce Coaching.  For further discussion and details:  contact [email protected] or 800.615.6078