Divorce Coaching Divorce Mediation

Divorce Coaching

  • Divorce Coaching
    Divorce Coaching helps navigate your divorce process, thus reducing stress, anxiety and feelings of aloneness in this foreign territory of divorce.

  • Life After Divorce Coaching
    A coach is an objective, nonjudgmental professional who gives you encouragement, support, guidance, skills and strategies to perform at your best. 

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

  • Divorce Mediation
    Divorce mediation offers significant advantages to couples who have the courage to dialogue with each other regarding their conflicts and their mutual interests as they stand at the crossroads of divorce. 

  • Christian Mediation
    Christian Divorce Mediation is faith-based and a gift is given if parties are able to call forth their Christ-like attitudes in the midst of their divorcing struggles.

  • Family Mediation
    Family Mediation will help you resolve conflict and build your family or relationship mindfully, intentionally and learn to thrive during times of transition and change.

  • Marital Mediation
    Most people do not even know there is another route to help them address marital problems.

Mediation Training divorce mediation

Divorce Coaching Career

  • Career Trainings
    Say, “YES” to a career that influences changed lives through your work as a Divorce Coach and/or Marital Mediator.
  • Divorce Coach Training
    Divorce Coaches partner with their clients to navigate their divorce process and in rebuilding their lives after the divorce by taking steps that are healing spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.
  • Marital Mediation to Stay Married Training
    Marital Mediation is evolving as a new profession to help couples to find a way to stay married by using the techniques that are proven to be highly effective in resolving disputes.

Sandra Lee, Emerge Victorious divorce mediation

What Others are Saying…

“I personally remember the effects of divorce in my life when my own parents divorced and there was no one to offer direction, parenting skills, or encouragement on this thing called life without a spouse. Sandra provides some of the most sound resources and skills I’ve seen for someone facing divorce.”

Lysa Terkerust , Bestselling New York Times Author

“When a relationship breaks, pain spills everywhere…Sandra walks with you through that pain and points you in a direction of hope for the life awaiting you. I am pleased to recommend her to you.”

Dr. Tim Clinton, Author & Speaker, Licensed Professional Counselor and the President of the 50,000 member American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
“I felt like I just existed through each day with my paralyzing fears and confusion. Once I started divorce coaching with Sandra, I regained my sense of balance, hope and peace.”
“Thank you for your outstanding coaching skills. I not only benefited greatly but so did my children. I know that our family looks different now, but even as a single dad we are still a family.”
“My attorney suggested I call Sandra for divorce coaching. That turned out to be one of the best calls I made through my whole the process. She worked with my attorney, my accountant and my therapist throughout my divorce negotiations and the following year as I started my new life as a single mom.”
Single Mom
“Thank you for mediating with my wife and myself. This is one of the hardest things we have ever gone through but you made it better with your approach, your calmness, and helping us stay focused on our children.”
“We had spent thousands of dollars in the legal system, met with three counselors before privately mediating with Sandra. For the first time in a long time we felt like our family mattered to a professional and we were more than a dollar sign to them.”
Dr. Scott and Tina
“Sandra’s professionalism, depth of knowledge and skills were impeccable. As an attorney myself and married to my husband who holds a PhD in Christian counseling – we are both trained professionals and so appreciated how results throughout our process.”
Charlotte attorney and Therapist
“Sandra made a life changing impact in our son’s lives by mediating with their parents in a manner that never allowed us to forge our most precious and valuable assets – our children. We all thank you!”
Carrie, Sam and the boys
“As a family law attorney, I spent years representing clients in a litigation before deciding I could no longer take part in how destructive the divorce process can be on a client – as well as the family as a whole. I narrowed my practice to the Collaborative Law process. I began working with Sandra Lee as a divorce coach, “wow” my eyes were opened to the invaluable resources and skills she brings to the negotiations and ability to help families resolve their divorce issues.”
Charlotte Family Law Attorney
“My hope and prayer is always for a marriage to be restored to all that God intends for them. But when that is no longer the option, I always encourage them to meet with Sandra Lee to discuss their next options and how to move through the divorce process in a manner that aligns with Christian values.”
Pastor of Lake Norman Church

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