Books, Journals and Materials to Help Guide You Through Your Divorce

A Woman’s Transformational Guide After Her Divorce

 When divorce is no longer someone else’s story, but a chapter in your own life….No Christian woman ever plans to walk the spiritually, physically, demanding, financially daunting and costly emotional road of divorce. If that is the path you have found yourself traveling you are the purpose and passion behind this book.
Are you wondering how to take the next steps into your healing and growth?  Sandra has walked a mile in your shoes. Through sharing personal messages and practical tools, which she has gleaned from years of working with so many divorced women, Sandra’s journey with you as you design the next pages of your story. Their hope and prayer is for each woman to transform and Emerge Victorious into a beautiful new chapter in her life story.
Your life, your family and your future are waiting on you!  Grab a cup, take some time alone and open the pages – let’s begin taking the first steps together. Meet you in the book.

A Woman’s Transformational Journal

Every gorgeous butterfly, with her wings spread open and her brilliant colors on display, has undergone a great change in the comforts of her own private cocoon. Before that butterfly could even imagine taking flight, she had to learn a new way of being. She had to learn to be ok in her own space. She had to adapt to the depths of darkness before she could see the light. And then, just when she didn’t think she could breathe even one more breath, she found the strength to break out of her bindings and set herself free. Free to fly for all the world to witness her amazing transformation into the unique and beautiful butterfly God had designed her to be.
Divorce has now been written into a chapter of your life. How the next chapter is written will be done one day at a time through your courage, resilience, truths and faith. Journaling is a powerful tool to help you approach your days with a plan, purpose and passion.
We pray for your journey as you design the next pages of your story.