Divorce is a chapter in your life story – it isn’t the end of the story.
Today, you can begin writing a new chapter as you step into your life after divorce waiting on you.

What is Life-After Divorce Coaching?

Signing the divorce papers is just a part of the divorce process.  It is good to have that piece finalized, but now it is time to get started on the rest of the journey for you, your children, your finances, your health, your spiritual walk, and your emotional healing.

A divorce coach is trained in the area of divorce emotions, legal aspects of divorce and has relevant knowledge and skill sets to help people rebuild their lives after a divorce.  A coach is an objective, nonjudgmental professional who gives you encouragement, support, guidance, skills and strategies to perform at your best.  Coaching is proven to be the highest evolved methodology for adult learning, designed to create positive change.  It is future-based and interactive as a plan is developed for dealing with today and taking a look at tomorrow.  PLEASE READ ABOUT DIVORCE COACHING TO GAIN MORE INSIGHT TO THE COACHING PROCESS I OFFER.

Why use a Life After Divorce Coach?

A life after divorce coach is more transformational because it is a professional relationship rather than personal one.  Friends tell you what you want to hear (or what they understand to the best of their ability but lack the education, training and skills), but a coach tells you what you need to hear as you make important and critical decisions.  When you allow your beliefs, purpose, and vision to guide your actions, you can be who you need to be for yourself and those around you.  The new understanding and direction will help you live in an authentic and clear manner.  When you execute your purpose and vision with daily actions in your life then you will stay true to your values, your personal purpose, and your core beliefs.

What issues and areas is a Life After Divorce Coach effective in helping with?

  • Rebuilding your life Coaching – financially, emotionally, spiritually
  • Parent Coaching
  • Dating/Relationship Coaching
  • Remarriage Coaching
  • Blended Family Coaching
  • Grandparent Coaching (yes, grandparents suffer from loss from a family’s divorce and then cope with remarriage grand parenting)

How Will the Process Begin?

Together, we will work to equip, educate and empower you to GROW beyond your divorce by:

Gaining information regarding your life through conversations, questionnaires and assessments.

Recognizing where you are at currently in your life and where it is you want to be.

Organizing an action plan and time frame to help you move from the place you are starting from to the place where you are going.

Working hard to create a new picture of the life you want to live.

Working with Sandra Lee as your Life After Divorce Coach:

As your life after divorce coach, Sandra will help you re-frame your divorce story to include your past and the new future you will create while living in the present.  The crisis and challenges you are now facing, or have faced during the divorce process, have had a definite impact on your life, but they do not have define you.  Despair, regret, disappointment, guilt, and anger do not have to be your constant companion.  Together we will work on a plan that is designed just for you and your circumstances – a vision for your future with goals and actions steps that lead you forward.  With me working alongside you as your coach – you will gain the courage to examine your life and do what is needed to change and grow as you step up into your life.  We will also build a team (if needed) of professionals you may need to call on as you rebuild your life (i.e., realtors, mortgage lenders, repair folks, support groups…) to create the best road map for your future.

Change Your Future Script:

Each of us will choose how we respond to our life and circumstances.  Have you seen a digital photo frame that rotates through photos one-by-one?  It is like watching a life movie.  As your life-after divorce coach, I will help you grasp, albeit one photo at-a-time, the power and tools to create a new life movie where you have the lead role.  You can’t change the past script but YOU can change the future script.  Having worked with thousands of people (literally nationally and internationally) I ask clients three central questions as they reflect on their current life to determine if they are content with their life journey or if they are allowing the divorce to rob them of living their life forward.

  1. Did I live my life fully?
  2. Did I love?
  3. Did I matter?

My goal, as your coach, will be to work with you to make decisions today that will create a future filled with hope and gratitude instead of living a of bitterness or filled with regrets.  You don’t want to stay stuck in your divorce story and missing out on living your new life.  Divorce is a part of your story, but your story does NOT end there!

How is Your Divorce Still Shaping Your Life Story?

  • In your financial life
  • In your parenting life
  • In your spiritual life
  • In your emotional life
  • In your physical life
  • In your single-again life
  • In your health life
  • In your friendships/relationships life
  • In your dating life/or remarriage life

Through your life inventory, we will identify the areas you want to change.  We will begin working strategically and intentionally to begin directing your life with a well-defined plan.  Not one that works for me, for your family, for your friends – but one that works for you.

Your Life is waiting on You!

Divorce changes life stories.  Characters or possessions are added or taken away.  Relationships shift.  Daily routines are undone.  Long term roles are altered.  Before divorce, your life was structured around many identities, one of which was a spouse.  Now the role of “spouse” has to be rewritten, preferably in a way that doesn’t erase all the “good” memories.  Sandra’s Emerge Victorious coaching is about creating something different in spite of where you have been and moving you away from blame, guilt and a life of ‘should have gotten or shouldn’t have gotten.’  It is about taking action to make the changes that will improve your life, your attitude, your vision, and your future with intentional motivation that comes from reflections of what you truly want, not what you think you “ought to want” or “ought to get.”  Invest in your personal growth and well-being – your life is waiting on you!

It is time to begin writing the next chapter of your life story.  You can Emerge Victorious!

Your Divorce Legacy

As your divorce coach we will focus on your own personal challenges and obstacles because they are unique to you.  The goal will be to determine what it is you need in your unique situation and assist you in making healthy, wise, educated and healing choices in the days ahead.  We will break down the next steps into manageable pieces for success because I care what kind of legacy after your divorce that you are leaving behind.  We will create a plan, action steps and options on how to execute them.  Each step of the way, together, we will prioritize you and your family’s well-being by keeping you focused on some of the following:

  • Separating your feelings and fears from the business aspects of your new reality
  • Focusing on the vision you want to create
  • Managing emotionally charged issues
  • Communicating effectively so you will be heard and understood
  • Being consistent with your desires as an healthy and effective co-parent


“My divorce was final but then it seemed like another of really hard work started. I had to sell the house, find a new house, start looking for a job and put my kids in daycare for the first time. I was overwhelmed and heart-broken. Sandra helped navigate the whole thing. It has been 4 years since that time and I we not only survived but we are doing better than I ever could have dreamed.”
“I had been married 33 years. I didn’t know how to live my life without my husband. Sandra was my coach and she helped me with my emotions, my practical steps, my “new” relationship with our adult children and grandchildren and so much more. It was really, really hard. I never ever thought I would go through a divorce and never heard of a divorce coach but I am so thankful Sandra is one of them.”
“I am now stronger, more confident more compassionate and more able to stand up for myself in truth and not back down out of fear and move forward into finding my new normal. My heart thanks you for your coaching because I was struggling so much to get here on my own.”